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Sestina Music is proud to announce the release of our début recording, ‘Master & Pupil’, under the Resonus label.



Please note, we are unable to deliver to addresses outside the UK & Ireland at this time.

The 'Master & Pupil' philosophy stems from an epoch when composers first began pilgrimages throughout Europe developing their skills and teaching other musicians and composers. This theme is at the very core of Sestina's own philosophy, with younger musicians placed under the wings of experienced professionals in an apprentice-like fashion. Music has always been a craft of apprenticeship, with knowledge and skill passed down through the generations from master to pupil.


The inspiration at the very heart of this recording is found in the works of Claudio Monteverdi - his influences and the immense legacy that was equally instilled in him by his own teachers. The album celebrates these legacies with music by composers including Josquin des Prez, Marc'Antonio Ingegneri, Giovanni Gabrieli and Salamone Rossi.

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Sestina Music would like to thank our sponsors, Exitex Ltd, for their support of this recording. 'Master & Pupil' would also not have been possible without the incredible support that we received through our crowdfunding campaign and through private donations.

A special thank you to the following people who sponsored singers and tracks:

Sponsor a singer

Beth Taylor, Gerry Wrixon

Sponsor a track

John and Allison Trepess: Claudio Monteverdi - Dixit Dominus secondo SV 192

James and Geraldine Kelley: Josquin des Prez - Recordare Virgo Mater "In memory of my brother Paul and family singing"

Irene Kingston: Giovanni Rigatti - Gloria

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