‘Sing with Sestina’ is your opportunity to join Sestina for sectional workshops and choral performances of well-known early music choral works. Unlike other ‘come and sing’ days, we focus on achieving an authentic stylistic interpretation of early music, informed by an understanding of the work’s historical context. Singers will work with, and sing alongside, senior Sestina singers and Musical Director Mark Chambers in sectional and full ensemble workshops and performances. Your preparation for sectional workshops will be aided by high quality learning resources, including tutorial videos, sample singer recordings, annotated scores and backing tracks.


Coming soon in 2021 - Sing with Sestina: Messiah

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“The resources were fabulous: annotated scores, informed interpretations and excellent historical details”

“I loved the mixture of history, technique and music presented in the sectionals - this made the experience come alive for me.”

“I loved the interpretation of the musical phrases and the practical example of how each phrase should (could!) be sung. For the first time, I understood what the 'heartbeat' of the music was.”