We are crowdfunding for our first recording!

We are thrilled to announce a three-album partnership with Resonus Classics under the 'Master and Pupil' theme, and are crowdfunding for the first of these albums. Our crowdfunding campaign is now live here!

The money we raise from this campaign will go directly towards the production costs of the recording, alongside the costs of bringing together an ensemble of Europe's finest early music specialists to work with our young singers.

The idea behind the 'Master and Pupil' theme is that each 'Great Composer' had to learn from someone before them. This is a fitting theme for our first recording, given that this idea is at the heart of Sestina's philosophy of immersive learning: our young singers learn through collaboration and being exposed to excellence, whether that be leading early music musicians or guest professional singers.

Our first recording focuses on composer Claudio Monteverdi, and his influences and legacy.  This is particularly apt as it was an early performance of the Monteverdi 'Sestina' by Mark Chambers and a small group of young singers that inspired the creation of Sestina itself, and Monteverdi's music has been a regular feature in our programmes ever since.  The recording will feature music by Monteverdi, including his Dixit Dominus (from Selva Morale et Spirituiali 1640), which the ensemble performed in 2016, along with music by both his predecessors and his own pupils. A highlight of the recording will be the little known Mass for 8 voices by Giovanni Rovetta, who was Monteverdi's pupil.

The recording will feature our experienced founder members alongside some of the most promising young singers in Northern Ireland, accompanied by a host of Europe's leading early music instrumentalists.

The recording will take place in All Hallows Church, Dublin during our regular Easter tour in April 2020.

Every donation will help us to create our first recording, and we have a range of rewards available, from advance copies of our CD to limited edition artwork as well as the options to sponsor a singer or track for the recording. To see the full range of rewards, visit our crowdfunding campaign page.




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