Theodora, G. F. Handel (April, 2018)

"The young singers impressed. Countertenor Joseph Zubier as Didimus showed excellent singing and a promising voice. Peter Harris, as the compassionate Roman soldier Septimius, sang with conviction and control and displayed an alluring tenor voice. Bass Aaron O’Hare was a fitting Valens, the cruel officer.  Outstanding in the role of Theodora was Charlotte Trepress: her broad ranging soprano was always richly expressive and beautifully modulated, her performance culminating in the exquisite aria “Oh, that I on wings could rise”. The chorus was equally impressive. Conducted by Mark Chambers, finally, Irish Baroque Orchestra’s performance was as divine as Handel’s score."

The Side Balcony, 11th April 2018 (read the full review here)

“[Theodora was} stunningly beautiful … Charlotte Trepess [gave] a wonderfully nuanced portrayal of a woman whose faith gives her no choice but her own death … the chorus is just gorgeous to hear”

Dominic Kearney, The Arts Show, BBC Radio Foyle (13 April 2018)

Classical singing star on how she is mixing things up in her latest role

Interview with Charlotte Trepess, who played the title role in Theodora

Newsletter, 6th April 2018 

The Gem Within (September, 2016)

"Authenticity is also of paramount importance to Sestina. Whilst there are choirs throughout Ireland that perform Early Music, few go to the lengths of Sestina to ensure the music sounds as the original composers intended. Through academic research and experience, the group tries to bring scholarship to the music to enhance and bring it to life, as in their performance of the Monteverdi Vespers where the instruments were as they would have been in Monteverdi’s time." Read full article here.

Ian Patterson, 'Hidden in the Harmonies', Culture Northern Ireland  (24 August 2016)




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