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Time & Location

14th April 2023, 4.00pm

Fisherwick Presbyterian Church, Belfast

15th April 2023, 4.00pm 

St Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny

About the Event

Sestina Music is delighted to present ‘Music of Celebration’ to audiences in Belfast and Kilkenny in April 2023. Alongside this, we will be running another come-and-sing workshop, ‘Sing with Sestina: Zadok the Priest’, inspired by the success of last year’s ‘Sing with Sestina: Messiah,’ open to anyone and everyone who loves to sing! These workshops will explore Zadok the Priest in detail, culminating in an informal performance. 


Participants will have access to learning resources to guide them through this fantastic piece and then will join the full Sestina Music ensemble and their 20-piece period instrument orchestra for a one-hour workshop guided by Musical Director Mark Chambers. Come along and immerse yourself in a historically informed and authentic approach to this celebratory anthem. 


Live tutti workshops will take place in Belfast on Friday 14th April and in Kilkenny on Saturday 15th April, 2023 and will run from 16:00-17:00.


Who can take part?

This programme is aimed at anyone who enjoys choral singing and has an interest in learning the work, or learning more about an authentic stylistic approach to the music. Reading music is helpful but not essential, as you will have sample recordings to help you to learn the music.

What’s involved?

To assist with the learning process, participants will have access to the following resources:

  1. A series of sample recordings which will help guide you through the preparation of the piece.

  2. An annotated score.

Live tutti workshops will take place in Belfast (14th April) and Kilkenny (15th April). The workshops will last approximately one hour and singers will have the opportunity to sing along with the full Sestina  Music ensemble of 17 singers and 20 players, all performing on authentic period instruments.

How to take part?

Access to the learning resources is free of charge, but the ticket price for workshop participation is £15/€17 (£10/€12 for students).


Live Tutti Workshops

Fisherwick Presbyterian Church, Belfast

Friday 14th April 2023, 4pm

St Canice's Cathedral, Kilkenny

Saturday 15th April 2023, 4pm


Sing with Sestina 2022

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